Meeting Emily Tellers– Regional Sales Director DSM

Meeting Emily Tellers

Young and ambitious, Emily Tellers has already forged a career that’s seen her rise through the ranks at a globally-active company that is, among other things, one of the world’s leading suppliers of nutritional ingredients.

Emily is Regional Sales Director at the company’s European headquarter in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland. With DSM’s Nutritional Products business alone making annual sales of more than €4 billion, Emily finds herself responsible for all sales of human nutrition and health products in Western Europe.

It’s an impressive position with a lot of challenges, but how did she get here and what drove her along the way? Read More

Emily Tellers– Regional Sales Director DSM

“Imagination Can Take You Everywhere”– Emily Tellers

Speaking to Emily, it quickly becomes clear she’s someone who’s driven by a love of troubleshooting, finding solutions – someone who’s happiest solving puzzles.

“What I love about my job is that it is expected of me to be a solution thinker.

“When I am meeting with one of my customers somewhere in Europe, they’ll show me an idea for a new product. Looking at it, I have to tell them that it would take us two years to get to market. ‘Two years,’ they’ll say, ‘we don’t have that time!’

“Since I am here now… why don’t we look at the whole process together to see how we can make it work?’ I tell them.

“The fascinating thing is that as an outsider you see a process in a different way than people within a company. I am not saying that it’s always something that I can see, but people within companies think their processes are rigid.

“Nothing is really rigid, but finding a solution that works often takes time, creativity and determination. Read More

Helping Make the World a Healthier Place – Emily Tellers

Helping Make the World a Healthier Place– Emily Tellers

While we find Emily achieving success in such a fast-moving, ever-evolving industry – just what is it that gives her so much passion? What drives and motivates her while she’s jetting across Europe to meet customers.

“Food is one of human’s most basic needs’’, she tells us. “But in this day and age, it’s become so much more than that. Food has to not only taste good but smell, look and feel good.’’ But she’s also powered by something deeper – a passion to help change the world for the better.

“If you want to anticipate consumer behavior, it’s always a good idea to first look at your own behavior. Today there is a drive for convenience and, when I look at my own life, I’m always on the run. I really need to pay attention to where and what I eat and trying to find healthy nutritious food is more difficult than finding fast-food. This is something I want to see the other way around.’’

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