Emily Tellers– Regional Sales Director DSM

“Imagination Can Take You Everywhere”– Emily Tellers

Speaking to Emily, it quickly becomes clear she’s someone who’s driven by a love of troubleshooting, finding solutions – someone who’s happiest solving puzzles.

“What I love about my job is that it is expected of me to be a solution thinker.

“When I am meeting with one of my customers somewhere in Europe, they’ll show me an idea for a new product. Looking at it, I have to tell them that it would take us two years to get to market. ‘Two years,’ they’ll say, ‘we don’t have that time!’

“Since I am here now… why don’t we look at the whole process together to see how we can make it work?’ I tell them.

“The fascinating thing is that as an outsider you see a process in a different way than people within a company. I am not saying that it’s always something that I can see, but people within companies think their processes are rigid.

“Nothing is really rigid, but finding a solution that works often takes time, creativity and determination.

Emily Tellers– Regional Sales Director DSM

Emily Tellers– Regional Sales Director DSM

“One quote that I like to think of is: ‘Logic gets you from A to B, but imagination can take you everywhere.’

“When you are finally able to break down a development process from two years to six months, it feels like climbing a mountain for days and then reaching the summit and being able to look across the entire Swiss Alps! It is definitely what makes my job exciting.

“The best thing about all of it is I can feel myself getting better at it each time I do it. It’s a huge learning process and I’m constantly travelling across Europe – meeting customers, suppliers and manufacturers – everything to stay on top of the game and keep my finger on the pulse.”

Emily Tellers– DSM Switserland

Emily Tellers– DSM Switzerland


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