Meeting Emily Tellers– Regional Sales Director DSM

Meeting Emily Tellers

Young and ambitious, Emily Tellers has already forged a career that’s seen her rise through the ranks at a globally-active company that is, among other things, one of the world’s leading suppliers of nutritional ingredients.

Emily is Regional Sales Director at the company’s European headquarter in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland. With DSM’s Nutritional Products business alone making annual sales of more than €4 billion, Emily finds herself responsible for all sales of human nutrition and health products in Western Europe.

It’s an impressive position with a lot of challenges, but how did she get here and what drove her along the way? There’s no doubt that part of the reason is Emily’s unique ability to juggle projects while still finding time to help others along the way – something that’s been getting her noticed right from the beginning.

Meeting Emily Tellers– Regional Sales Director DSM

Meeting Emily Tellers– Regional Sales Director DSM

Although she’s based at the company’s HQ, she prefers to spend most of her time out of the office. After all, she says, it was her love of helping people that led her to become Sales Director. Now she’s out and about across Europe, meeting with the top names in the industry.

One thing’s for sure – she’s brimming with a rarely seen dedication and enthusiasm for both the people she meets and what she does. She’s already come a long way and it doesn’t look like she has any plans to slow down…


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