Maarten Schäfer - Interview with CNN

Important reasons why you should care about your online reputation

We live in a reputation economy.

People are judged and rated online like products.

Google has become the new background check.

  1. Increase the number of business opportunities

“People’s willingness to do business with you will increase with 48% when you have a good online reputation.”

  1. Get invited for speeches or advisory boards  

“Position yourself as a thought leader in your field.”
“Google is the new background check.”

  1. Make people want to work with/for you

“People’s willingness to work for a company is driven for 60% by the reputation of the company.”

  1. Enhance the reputation of your company

“The reputation of key people in an organisation accounts for 50% of the company’s reputation.”

  1. Make yourself memorable for the right things (digital heritage)

“If you want your vision and achievements to be found… you have to write and publish them online.”

“You are who Google says you are.”

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