Juliana Guzman - Rio Exclusive

Juliana Guzman – Building a new category in a growing economy

Here I am, in an astonishing apartment in Leblon, the most chic area of Rio de Janeiro nowadays.

I have been invited by Juliana Guzman to enjoy this apartment during my stay in Rio. Who would say no to this?

The best area of the city, a sun-lit living and dining room, a private garden with pool and lounge area…and to make it even better, a chef who comes over for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And there is more to it, just imagine what you would need, and Juliana makes it happen. Want to go to Rock in Rio but it is sold out? No worries…

How come she can do all these things?

Juliana Guzman - Rio Exclusive
Juliana Guzman – Rio Exclusive by CoolBrands People

Well, Juliana is co-founder of RioExclusive, an elite real estate agency, specializing in luxury vacation rentals. She is someone worth knowing in this city.

She came to Rio in 2007, from Colombia, fell in love with the city and decided to stay.

Being an ex-pat, she met a lot of other foreigners, people spending their holidays in Rio, once or twice a year.

In that time, many people bought their own apartments, because of a lack of luxury hotels. This is where Juliana and her partner Arnaud saw an opportunity.

Since they were living in Rio, they could rent the apartments of their friends while they were away. Take care of them and offer the luxury service their clientele would be expecting.

It is a shame to have all these beautiful apartments being empty 90% of the time.

So they started, carefully, gaining trust and the experience of renting the apartments.

But soon they realised they had tapped into something potentially big.

This is when RioExclusive started.

When Juliana arrived in Brazil, the vacation rental market was virtually non-existent.

What she actually did, is build a whole new category in a growing economy, talking about being at the right time at the right place, and meeting the right people.

Today, RioExclusive stands for the guarantee of having a fantastic Rio de Janeiro experience. Whether you are a VIP, a celebrity, a CEO or a person who just deserved to be treated the best way possible, RioExclusive takes care of you.

What always happens when you build a new category that is successful, is that you get followers. So today, there are several agencies in Rio that offer vacation rentals similar to RioExclusive.

Juliana is not afraid of competition. ‘We have to stay ahead of the market, innovate, to make sure we keep raising the standards, both for ourselves and the other players on the market.’

She is already working on the next level. Juliana is developing BrazilExclusive. Buzios, Angra dos Reis and Paraty are already operational, the expansion has just started.

I can only imagine what comes next, I will definitely keep an eye on her.

Check out the video blog CoolBrands People created for Juliana Guzman.

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