Meeting Aur See You in Bangkok

Bangkok-based Aur See You has worked with brands, including Red Bull, Nike and Philips, royalty, celebrities and political leaders. She consults, lectures and leads workshops on Dhaksa, an ancient holistic profiling system comprising personology, numerology and environmental pyschology. In short: she ‘reads’ people and houses, helping individuals through work or personal challenges by giving them the tools to chart the course of their own lives.

Since 2007, Aur has hosted and appeared on various television shows, including one on Channel 5, a TV station whose mission is to promote a happier and more enlightened Thailand. At its peak, she received around 700 letters a day from viewers and had 20k followers on a dedicated forum. She returns to Channel 5 in August 2014 for a new show in which she visits people in their homes, advising them on the connection between themselves and their surroundings. I meet this remarkable woman at her home in the Thai capital. A veritable oasis in the heart of the buzzing city, I almost feel as though I’m in the countryside.

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Meeting Aur See You, Life Consultant
Meeting Aur See You, Life Consultant

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