Meeting Clay Mills W+K

Meeting Clay Mills in Amsterdam

Since arriving in Amsterdam in 2010, Clay has prioritised building a business at W+K Amsterdam where creativity equals effectiveness. And in 2013, won the prestigious ‘Creative Effectiveness Lion’ award at Cannes for Heineken. Clay, it seems, is not only building brands but also growing business.

I’m about to meet Clay Mills, managing director for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, which is an independent advertising agency.

I meet up with him against a backdrop of 17th-century canals and gentrified warehouses in the über-charming Jordaan district of Amsterdam – the most authentic and creative part of the city.

While I order a coffee at one of the many cafés, I take a look at my notes on Clay.

From what I read, I can tell that Clay has been around. He started his career in advertising in New York and then moved to London. From there he made a career move to Shanghai and now he is based here in Amsterdam.

Having international experience and knowledge of different cultures is obviously a big advantage when leading an international agency, working for global brands.

I’m wondering what the secret is behind his success…

"De Jordaan" - Amsterdam
“De Jordaan” – Amsterdam

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