Diego Ruzzarin – Design Thinker and Director of Enivrance Brazil

Meeting Diego Ruzzarin in Singapore

‘Design Thinker’ Diego Ruzzarin, director of the Brazil office of Enivrance, divides his time between São Paulo, Singapore, Dubai and Mexico. Co-author of Brazil Food Vision 2020, in which he showcases his innovative vision on food design, Diego graduated with a Food Design Master’s Degree in Italy and lectures on his revolutionary ideas at the world’s leading design universities.
Together with the Brazilian government and 13 industrial food companies, Diego is busy positioning Brazil as a global food provider, food innovator, and lifestyle provider under the moniker ‘New Made in Brazil’.

I’ve met Diego before in São Paulo but today I’m meeting him at the other end of the world – Singapore. Here, the government has identified the creative design sector as one that will stimulate economic growth. And Diego has been invited by the Design Thinking & Innovation Academy (DTIA), a programme of the Design Singapore Council, to conduct a workshop for business owners and entrepreneurs on ‘Food Design’.

Diego Ruzzarin – Design Thinker and Director of Enivrance Brazil
Diego Ruzzarin – Design Thinker and Director of Enivrance Brazil

Design Thinking occurs at the intersection of art, craft, science and business – Diego Ruzzarin

How would you define Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a process used to improve products and services. It combines empathy, creativity and rationality to better meet consumer needs. Unlike Analytical Thinking, Design Thinking must be grounded in multi-disciplinary academic skills and interests.

What makes you a good Design Thinker?

I believe a good Designer Thinker should be a mix of at least three disciplines: strategy, design and psychoanalysis. In my case, I can also add that I’ve worked in several different countries across the globe. Next to life experience, this give me a better cultural understanding.

Read more stories on Diego’s landing page.


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