Meeting Vera Lopes – CEO Luxury Marketing Council Brazil

Meeting Vera Lopes – CEO Luxury Marketing Council Brazil

The best place to meet Vera Lopes is the elegant Rua Oscar Freire, the famous high end shopping street in the Jardins neighborhood, the Beverly Hills of São Paulo.

Amidst finely dressed Brazilians, I walk along concept stores that are designed like precious jewelry boxes. Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs present their designs alongside Brazilian brands such as Alexandre Herchcovitch and H.Stern.

Ah, there is a perfect spot under the green, leafy roof at the terrace of Café Santo Grão. Food and drinks are served the Brazilian way, with attention and friendliness.

Cafe Santo Grao in Rua Oscar Freire
Cafe Santo Grao in Rua Oscar Freire

Who is Vera Lopes? What I read is that she worked for 15 years for the world’s leading diamond company De Beers, after which she worked for a gold mining company. A widely traveled lady from Brazil, who must have thought: after diamonds and gold there is only one way up: the Luxury Marketing Council (LMC).

Reading the LMC website I found out that the Luxury Marketing Council was founded in 1994 and has its Head Quarters in New York. It has been operating as ‘a business-building, revenue-generating global community of CEOs and CMOs. LMC is considered the leader in the field of luxury marketing, setting the “gold standard” for the intelligent exploration of best marketing practices and trends in the luxury marketplace. And LMC is inspiring luxury brands to more creatively and profitably work together.’

Vera is the CEO of the chapter Brazil of the Luxury Marketing Council. I’m curious about her story…

Read more on Vera Lopes’ landing page.


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