Around the world in 80 brands - wild honey - Singapore - Stephanie Hancock - Guy Wachs

Catching up with Stephanie Hancock in Wild Honey

I’m on Singapore’s famous Orchard Road, Asia’s Champs Elysées, and I’m on my way to meet Stephanie Hancock and her partner Guy Wachs. I know Stephanie from the time she was working for the global ad agency JWT. Guy used to be the F&B manager at Swissôtel in Bangkok before Stephanie and he moved to Singapore. In 2009 she and Guy started Wild Honey, an all-day breakfast concept restaurant which was the first of its kind in Singapore.

“I hope you haven’t eaten yet,” says Stephanie when I arrive. “There are some great dishes you should try. My personal favourite is the ‘Aussie’, Australian grain-fed sirloin with dad’s baked beans and a home-made tomato chutney. It reminds me of the breakfasts my mum used to make us before school.”

As we settle at a table on the outdoor terrace and I browse through the menu, I ask Stephanie and Guy how they came up with the idea of an all-day breakfast restaurant.

Around the world in 80 brands - wild honey - Singapore - Stephanie Hancock - Guy Wachs
Around the world in 80 brands – Wild Honey, Singapore

“We’ve travelled so much in our lives,” says Stephanie. “I was born in Australia, and have lived in Canada, the US and Thailand; Guy was born in Israel, lived in Switzerland, Germany and the US; our son was born in New York… So there we were, three nationalities, where to settle? That’s when we found our home here in Singapore.

“And our menu is a sort of photo album with signature dishes from across the world, featuring many of the places we’ve visited or lived in. Some of our all time favourites are ‘I Love New York’, ‘Parisienne’ and of course ‘The Spicy Tunisian’.” 

“Is Wild Honey mostly a place for expats?” I ask. “Do they come here to find their home breakfast here?”

“No, definitely not,” says Guy. “Of course everyone is welcome but we want to share our travel and gastronomy experiences with the people of Singapore. I love to see a three-generation Chinese family eating ‘Eggs Benedict’ or a group of young Malaysians enjoying a good ‘Californian’.

“Our focus here is to be as creative with breakfast as possible and to offer dishes that are interesting and different from what is on offer elsewhere, dishes that are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. We are very particular about where our produce comes from and work with many local suppliers to develop special products you can only find at Wild Honey, like our special COMMON MAN Roasters coffee.

Around the world in 80 brands - Wild Honey, Singapore
Around the world in 80 brands – Wild Honey, Singapore

“Stephanie and I are dedicated to the history of the dishes and to the craft of cooking – making our own jams, cordials, pastries and cakes with recipes borrowed from our mothers and grandmothers. All our dishes have a story and that’s what we love.”

“I think the best thing is for you to taste it all yourself!” says Stephanie, “We’ve prepared you the ‘Portobello Road’ and ‘Boulevard St. Michel’, so see what you think!”


Wild Honey is more than a restaurant; it is also a meeting place. Two of the other people I met here are famous local DJ Rozzie Roz and the multiple award-winning movie producer Anthony Chen.


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