To give you an idea of how people benefit from their newly created or improved online reputation or presence…

To give you an idea of how our clients perceive working with us….

We asked some of them for a testimonial….

Janice Reals Ellig – Women’s Forum of New York

Charles W. Ranson – Expert Witness Wealth Management

Merrie Frankel, REIT consultant , and corporate board director:


Meeting Carole Van Bekkum - Creative Director DreamCatch

Carole van Bekkum, creative director at DreamCatch:
The CoolBrands Way (people/creation/ method) works almost as a self-fulfilling prophecy;

By stating and publishing my mission and vision, I pushed myself to greater awareness and bold actions.


Merlin Melles – Founder fCN – Amsterdam


An American financial expert and executive board member:
“After my longstanding career in the financial world, I was ready for something new.
I want to put my experience to use as a non-executive board director, in the US, and in Europe.
By working with Anouk, I really started to improve my online presence.
I have my vision, I just never wrote it down, let alone share it online.

Now, when I connect with people regarding a corporate board position, they can google me and I’m confident that what they find, represents the right ‘me’. ”


Edouard Malbois – CEO Enivrance – Paris


Mac McClelland, CEO of The Luxury Marketing Council Middle East:
“My goal is to grow The Luxury Marketing Council from Dubai to a dozen 
luxury capitals across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia.

I realized I needed a strong online presence in order to reach my goals, not just for The Luxury Marketing Council, but also for me personally.

That’s when I started working with CoolBrands. So we’re now creating content and publishing and sharing stories to reinforce the relevance and added value of The Luxury Marketing Council to current and future members.

It’s no longer B2B, it’s H2H, Human-to-Human.  Connecting with other humans is so important to develop and maintain relationships, and The Luxury Marketing Council is all about relationships.  To lead the Council, we’re improving my personal online presence as well.”


A Brazilian entrepreneur living and working in Paris:
“I’ve been living and working in Europe for many years, as a luxury brand booster between Brazil and France.
Some time ago I decided I wanted to expand my business and realised that my online presence could help me achieve my next business goal.

So I decided to work with Maarten and Anouk to improve my online reputation by creating and sharing stories that represent and underwrite my vision.
Also for my new project it’s helping me to find the right partners.”


A Brazilian artist, filmmaker and photographer, living and working in Paris:

“CoolBrands made me think about myself in a way I never did before. I have been doing things without thinking about WHY? and I want to change that…

‘To improve my online presence and help me reach my goals.’
The question to myself….what are my goals? The real ones…”

We live in a reputation economy. Your online reputation is your most valuable asset.

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