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We make sure your story ends up high in Google

Nowadays, you need to make sure that your online presence reflects your offline reputation.

After creating the content, we’ll make sure it is there, relevant, up to date and on the first page when we Google you.

We will create a personal landing page for you where we will publish the content we created.

We will link this content to your LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.

The result is that when someone Googles you, they will find your content both on the first page(s) and on the social profiles that you linked to your content.

Other results are:
– The content people will find is relevant and up to date.
– You will be on the first page with the things you want when people Google you
– Title scanning will position you in the right way.
– You can send people to your personal landing page if they want to know what you are about

“You can use your personal landing page as your online business card”

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We live in a reputation economy. Your online reputation is your most valuable asset.

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