Clara Chinwe Okoro - CoolBrands NextWorld Storytelling Curator Nigeria

What is a CoolBrand?

What is a CoolBrand?

We believe CoolBrands are authentic, original, honest, innovative, surprising, often brave and always driven by a meaning and a purpose.

As we travel the world looking to identify Cool Brands whose stories we want to share, we have developed the following criteria to aid us in our selection:

A CoolBrand is often the first, the original that has the potential to start a trend and to be held up as being iconic.

A CoolBrand has a unique proposition, that is based on innovation and an exploration of what could be.

A CoolBrand looks forward and asks the question…why not?

A CoolBrand surprises you; it is an idea which you wished you had thought of first.

A CoolBrand stands out from the crowd and can´t help but be noticed and admired.

A CoolBrand has the ability to penetrate your soul and stick in your mind.

A CoolBrand is authentic and feels effortless. It is true and relevant to its heritage, background, and environment.

A CoolBrand is honest about both its strengths and weaknesses; it is open-minded and open to change.

A CoolBrand is brave, taking chances that most others won’t.

A CoolBrand is rebellious and is not afraid to challenge the status quo or the establishment. It is sufficiently self-confident enough to make a bold statement, knowing full well that it is challenging a long or widely held belief or practice.

A CoolBrand establishes new rules.

A CoolBrand has a meaning and a purpose that is clearly articulated and carried through every part of its existence. From how it is made, to how it interacts and communicates with its audience. It has a conscience and a strong set of standards that dictates the way it does business.

A CoolBrand is not ambiguous and the way it presents itself can be clearly tracked back to its core values.

A CoolBrand evaluates its success not only through the profit it generates, but also through its meaningful impact on people and the planet.


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