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Google is the new background check

When you Google yourself… do you like what you see?
Are the results relevant and up to date?
Does it say who you are?
Does it reflect your real world image?

“This is how other people see you. This is your public image… your personal brand.”

People who don’t know you, will define you as the person they see on Google. This is their sole source of information. 60% of people will search online… before meeting you.

Google is the new ‘background’ check.

What we find on Google = your online public image.

(Whether it is accurate or not)

LinkedIn is usually among the first hits, but what do we find there?

Your CV?

What about your vision, your achievements, things you are proud of, your profession, passion and philanthropy? Where online can we find this?

“The ‘right you’ should be there when we Google you – right on the first page”

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We live in a reputation economy. Your online reputation is your most valuable asset.

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