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Anouk Pappers – “Looking for brands with a Purpose”

Between trips I spend a few weeks relaxing in Amsterdam. I stroll through the quiet backstreets of the city centre, order a caffe latte at one of my favourite cafés and take time to rethink my mission.

On my continuous journey around the world, I want to experience cool destinations, meet visionary people and discover brands with a purpose. Over the last few years, I have come across more and more brands that tell their Corporate Social Responsibility story according to the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.

These criteria measure the real success of a company from an economic, ecological and social perspective. I am very keen to follow these brands that understand that they need to have a purpose in society because I am convinced that this is where the future lies.

But while there is growing interest in the triple bottom line, there is also still a lack of understanding as to what it exactly stands for. Many books have been written on this and related subjects, such as People, Planet, Profit by Peter Fisk, Brand New Justice by Simon Anholt and No Logo by Naomi Klein.

Anouk Pappers for CoolBrands Nextworld Storytelling

Anouk Pappers in Chichen Itza – Yucatan – Mexico

I have defined it as my mission to find people and brands with a purpose, even if that purpose has no yet been achieved and they are not yet 100% sustainable or have not entirely neutralized their CO2 emissions. I’m interested in finding both people and brands that are working to reach such objectives of environmental and social responsibility and that are willing to share their ideas and stories.

Then I can write up the stories in a cool and accessible style and share them with influencers worldwide.

I want to preserve our living environments remain for present and future generations. I am not an activist, I am an anthropologist and I know how to share a message, which means that the best way for me to contribute to environmental conservation is to encourage organizations to take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. Business should be used as a vehicle for delivering stakeholder value and not just for maximizing shareholder profit.

Today a growing number of organizations have adapted their operations to focus on sustainability and socially responsible business transactions. But there is still much room for improvement. By sharing the stories of brands that are taking relevant steps, I want to inspire other brands and companies to follow suit.

It is important that companies begin to understand that being responsible brings huge rewards – both financially and in terms of social capital.

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