Heela Yang Tsuzuki

Meeting Heela Yang Tsuzuki in New York

We arrive at New York’s Kennedy Airport around noon and get a cab into Manhattan. We’re here to meet Mariam Salzman, global trendwatcher, Cindy Gallop, author of Make Love Not Porn, and Heela Yang Tsuzuki, a successful entrepreneur who is making her way to the top in the global cosmetics industry.

As we enter the Queens Midtown tunnel, I take out my Ipad to look at my notes on Heela.
“She has everything to be successful,” I tell Anouk, who has just closed her eyes to catch up with some of the jet lag.

“Why is that?” she asks, without opening her eyes.

“She has financial experience after working at Goldman Sachs,” I read from my iPad screen. “She acquired marketing experience at L’Oreal and Clinique. And business strategy experience working for Wellstone in Brazil.”

We emerge from the tunnel to a brilliant view of Manhattan’s skyline. “Always impressive!” I say admiringly.
“What is?” Anouk says, her eyes still closed, “the diversity of her experience or the fact that she worked for American, European and Brazilian companies?”

“Actually I was talking about the Manhattan skyline.”

Anouk opens her eyes as the taxi turns right onto Park Avenue.

“Where are we going?” she asks.

“We’re meeting her in her favourite place in Manhattan, Central Park,” I reply.

“Cool, I could do with some nature!” Anouk says as she closes her eyes again.

New York

We get out of the cab by the Apple Store on 5th Avenue and cross the road to head into Central Park.

“We’re meeting Heela at the pond,” I tell Anouk, who is making a peace sign to the John Lennon Memorial.

“Is there something else we need to know about her, before we meet her?” Anouk asks.

“Let me see,” I say, as I scroll through the notes. “She’s a graduate of Harvard Business School.”

“That probably means she’s not just smart but also well connected through the alumni network,” says Anouk.

“She’s investing in a cosmetic business in China and Brazil,” I continue. “Probably Russia, India and South Africa are next… to complete the BRICS countries.”

“There she is,” I say, pointing at a smartly dressed woman standing by the pond. “I recognize her from her LinkedIn profile picture.”

A few minutes later we’re strolling around the pond.
“This is one of the best places to escape from Manhattan’s hectic urban life,” Heela says. “It’s all about finding the balance. On the one hand, I’m running a global business, building brands. And on the other hand I have to reconnect with nature and do my yoga surrounded by plants and trees.”

“When I Googled you I saw that you have a Korean background, a U.S. education and you worked for companies in France and Brazil. That makes you kind of a global citizen,” I say.

And I have a Japanese husband,” Heela adds with a smile. “I love the different cultures in me. It allows me to have a better understanding of what drives people. Which is again very helpful in branding and marketing.”

“Most of your investments and consulting is in cosmetics,” I say. “How come?”

“What fascinates me is the psychology behind it. The way the female mind works, consciously and unconsciously when sitting in front of a mirror. Do you know how many products a woman applies to her face on a daily basis? Seven or more!” she says, without waiting for our answer.

“What is going on in a woman’s head when she looks in the mirror? What does she see? What does she feel?
Do you know how many times a woman brushes her eyelashes when she’s applies mascara? Seventy!
It’s psychology more than anything else.
Branding and marketing cosmetics is a totally different game. And it’s a game I love to play.”

Read more about Heela here: http://heelayangtsuzuki.wordpress.com/


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