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Meeting Richard Lee in Shanghai

Hong Kong-born Richard Lee is the driving force behind PepsiCo China’s campaigns. He joined the company in 1997 as China Beverages Cola Director, becoming VP of Marketing in 2001. The creative innovator with a knack for meaningful branding – backed up with an MBA from Harvard Business School and BSc from the University of California – didn’t go unnoticed. In 2005, he was named by Ad Age as one of its Top 10 Global Players. And in 2007 was made VP Marketing for Global Sparkling Beverages, working out of PepsiCo’s New York headquarters before returning to the world’s most populous country as Chief Marketing Officer in 2010.


Lured back by the huge potential, opportunities and challenges of keeping up with the speed of change, Richard currently leads product innovation and brand activation for all PepsiCo food and beverage brands. I catch up with him to find out how he stays on top of his game in such a rapidly evolving market.

You either run with it – or get left behind – Richard Lee

Richard Lee, CMO PepsiCo China 未标题
Richard Lee, CMO PepsiCo China 未标题 

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